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Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer
Balance & Enhance Skin Clarity


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Enhance skin’s clarity by reinforcing skin's protective barrier to increasing hydration levels and balance pH. This preservative-free hydrosol provides immediate hydration without irritating additives like surfactants, emulsifiers, and preservatives that are ubiquitous in conventional moisturizers.

By supplying the skin with clean hydration, herbs get to work deep within skin reversing irritation-based skin conditions by balancing the skin’s metabolism. This blend of cannabis hydrosol, along with cucumber, lavender, and German chamomile created using a steam distillation process, will soothe and calm skin.

The primer is designed to be used directly after cleansing and before any other product is used. Administer 3-5 sprays directly to the face, and gently massage in for instant hydration.

For best results, apply one of Flora & Bast’s oil-based facial products immediately after applying (before the hydrosol has completely absorbed) to ensure maximum moisture benefit. 28 days of continuous use should allow you to limit or completely remove conventional water-based moisturizers from your skincare routine.

Cannabis Hydrosol, Cucumber Hydrosol, Lavender Hydrosol, German Chamomile Hydrosol.

Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer is lab-certified and contains full-spectrum ingredients.

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