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Creamy Cacao Protein
Organic High Protein Chocolate Drink


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Enjoy this creamy, chocolatey blend of organic whey protein and raw cacao for a healthy, delicious protein shake. Boasting 20g of protein per serving, Creamy Cacao is the tasty way to increase your intake of protein to support muscle recovery or repair after a workout. Plus, it’s the perfect way to reward yourself after a hard training session.

Creamy Cacao contains Motion Nutrition’s signature pure organic whey protein from European grass-fed dairy. It also features organic Ecuadorian raw cacao powder to give it that rich, chocolatey flavor that’s hard to say no to! Plus, raw cacao is a nutritional powerhouse with a long list of health benefits including energy support, anti-inflammatory properties and a truckload of antioxidant-rich flavanols in comparison to refined and processed cocoa. 

Unlike other brands, Motion Nutrition doesn’t include sweeteners like stevia, sucralose, or aspartame in their blends. Instead, they add a small pinch of unrefined coconut sugar to stimulate the digestion of the whey protein and round off the flavor of the raw cacao. Finally, the addition of organic sunflower lecithin helps your body to digest the protein shake; it’s a gentle and natural way to avoid air bubbles which could cause indigestion. 

Shake up with your favorite nut milk (it’s delicious with hazelnut milk) for a protein shake after the gym or drop a sachet in your porridge, cereal or mix into smoothies for a boost of delicious protein. Add a warming cup of hot Creamy Cacao milk drink to your bedtime routine to help you unwind. 

Organic whey protein, organic raw cacao, organic unrefined coconut sugar, and organic sunflower lecithin.

Motion Nutrition support your mind and body with organic goodness to improve energy, sleep, mood and more. In 2019, they removed the plastic from their packaging of protein powders and switched to FSC paper boxes and glass jars. Each box is printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based ink and will biodegrade into earth-fueling nutrients. Since they made the switch, they have saved more than 500,000 plastic-laminated pouches from entering the eco-system, and by getting rid of plastic tubs and scoops, they’ve avoided 10 Tonnes worth of plastic going to waste. Motion Nutrition says, “We chose plant over profit because there is no planet B.” 

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