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Omega Oil
Deeply Nourishing Sativa Seed Oil


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Winter weather takes its toll on your skin's protective barrier.  Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, dry conditions seep moisture from your skin, requiring your body to increase production of oil and deliver water to the skin's surface.  Often times, this acute dryness and protective response by the body can cause breakouts, blemishes, blackheads and irritation as you skin acclimatizes to the new conditions.  Adding Omega Oil as the finishing step to your morning and/or nightly routine helps your body catch up to ever changing conditions so it can look and feel its age.  As the cannabis actives, namely cannabinoids and terpenes, go to work on sebum-producing glands, hemp seed oil forms a non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) barrier

Apply 5-7 drops onto freshly cleaned face and neck, day and night, as the final product in your routine.  Works synergistically with the Age Adapting Facial Serum.

Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis Sativa Extract

Medium Chain Triglycerides (derived from coconuts)

150mg Total Active Cannabinoid, 101mg CBD

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