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Midnight (Somewhere) Botanical Reed Diffuser
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Float effortlessly into a dreamland of peaceful bliss carried softly by sublimely scented clouds. Ideal for your bedtime routine, Sunday Of London’s Midnight (Somewhere) delivers fragrance for blissful dreams and better-quality sleep. Unwind, disconnect from the outside world, reconnect internally and relax into tranquility. Sunday Of London’s clean, minimal, apothecary aesthetic brings a hygge feel to any room. Light at night to help you drift off peacefully. 

Soothing lavender envelopes your space with protective energy, whilst working in synergy with rose to enhance your intuition and offer guidance for your dreams. Lemon, lime, and orange peel bring inner clarity to the forefront granting permission to return to your creativity. 

Lavender, rose, lemon, lime, and orange peel. 

Each of Sunday Of London’s Botanical Reed Diffusers are created with aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and housed in UK-made apothecary glassware. Diffusers last up to six months dependent on room temperature and botanical oil blend. Turn reeds daily for best results. 
Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil, soy free and absolutely nothing synthetic.  

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