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7 Ways To Healthy Breasts

Did you know you should start your skincare from the breasts up? From the smartest skin care ingredients for your breasts to the benefits of lymphatic drainage, whether exercise really can make your breasts perkier, and how to do your monthly breast checks, we’ve got it covered in the ultimate breast care routine every woman should be doing.

Unless they’re causing us pain or health problems, our breasts often get forgotten about when it comes to self-care and skincare, but it’s worth considering how we can look after them a little better. Consider this your ultimate guide to healthier breasts that you love.

1. Start your skincare routine from the breasts up

Your skin on your breasts, decolletage, and neck is thinner, more
delicate, and therefore more prone to aging. This is especially true
because this area of your body tends to be neglected when you moisturize
and apply SPF. Dermatologists recommend applying your daily and nightly
skincare routine right down to your breast to avoid premature aging
like sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.


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2. Be smart with your skincare ingredients

Since the skin around your breasts is more prone to sensitivity and
premature aging, it’s important to use nourishing, hydrating, anti-aging
ingredients. Turn to hyaluronic acid – dry and aging skin’s enemy – for
deep hydration and skin plumping, and peptides and retinol to
strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and boost collagen and elastin.

3. Stock up on antioxidants

Since this thin, sensitive part of our body needs extra protection
from harmful external aggressors like UV rays, it’s important to stock
up on antioxidant ingredients to reduce oxidative stress and protect it
from further harm. Vitamins C and E are your antioxidant-rich
breast-health besties to combat and prevent free-radical damage (and
even more so if you don’t apply SPF to this area.) 

Harmful rays
mean that free radicals cause oxidative stress on the body. Oxidative
stress has been linked to various health conditions like heart disease,
stroke, and cancer, we want to avoid it all costs. 


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