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The Party Season Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Along with its fun and festivities, party season also brings dryness, breakouts, and digestion problems thanks to more alcohol, late nights, and indulgence than usual – less than ideal when we have a calendar full of social events! Get sparkle season ready with these beauty hacks to help you look and feel better with glowing skin, a healthy gut, and fresh eyes night after night.

Party season calls for pulling out all the beauty stops, and it starts with the basics – glowing skin, bright eyes, and a healthy gut that will have us looking and feeling fresh and radiant from head to toe, whatever the occasion. In between all the festivities (including the late nights and indulgence) look after yourself with hydrating ingredients, nourishing foods, and these handy beauty remedies for the most luminous party looks night after night. 

The Eye Elevators

Noone wants tired eyes, and definitely not over party season! Dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, and fine lines, and wrinkles are common beauty woes that often get worse over the holidays' thanks to a lack of sleep and increased stress levels.   

Sleep is when our body gets to work doing intense cleaning, cell renewal, restoration, and without enough of it, it can’t repair properly, resulting in a dull, lifeless skin tone. Make sure you’re getting enough restorative shut-eye with natural remedies like Motion Nutrition’s UnplugFlora & Bast Deep Sleep Gummies, and Olverum’s Restful Sleep Pillow Mist. They will help you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling and looking refreshed.  

Hyperpigmentation is a key cause of dark circles under the eyes, so make sure to wear SPF daily like Zenii’s Stem Cell Renewal Day Cream SPF30 and sunglasses to protect against harmful UV rays and blue light radiation (from digital screens). Your eye area is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face (it's no wonder when we consider we blink 20,000 times a day) so gentler eye-specific products work best to hydrate, protect and refresh. To revitalize tired-looking eyes, apply a nourishing eye cream like Zenii’s Revitalising Eye Cream or Shiffa’s Rejuvenating Eye Remedy.   

If you do wake up with puffy eyes (or face), smooth a cold jade roller or Gua Sha (that’s been kept in the fridge) to aid circulation and lymphatic drainage. Cold is your friend, so cryotherapy balls, ice globes, or even just ice cubes (a beauty hack Bella Hadid swears by), can help to depuff and oxygenate not to mention wake you up. This is a great one to revive skin after a late night!  

The Body Beauties

No matter how much skin you’re showing this party season, having a smooth, soft complexion will give you that confidence boost when it comes to putting on your favorite outfit. It’s also the ideal foundation to help your self-tan and make-up look fresh all night long. Reveal smooth, soft skin with Zenii’s Cell Sense Exfoliating PolishMauli’s Body Scrub, or Shiffa’s Mint & Basil Body Scrub. To enhance your mind, as well as body, treat yourself to a moment of calm before the chaos ensues with Olverum’s sumptuous Body Polish.  

Once you’ve buffed away impurities and rough dead skin cells, your skin will be dryer and more sensitive to the elements so make sure to rejuvenate the skin’s deep layers and protective barrier with a rich moisturizerShiffa’s Rose Bliss Balm will nourish and rehydrate skin after exfoliation with an uplifting rose scent that turns into a sumptuous oil when applied. For extra hydration, glow, and to seal in moisture, go one step further with a nourishing body oil. For rejuvenation after a late night, apply Olverum’s Nourishing Body Oil. To sculpt and tone, choose Olverum’s Firming Body Oil, or to uplift and energize, reach for Shiffa’s Energising Body Oil.  

The Glow-Getting Skincare Saviours

When you’re applying more make-up over the party season, your skincare routine should become your holy grail to avoid unwanted congestion and breakouts. Cleanse with Shiffa’s purifying, decongesting Aromatic Facial Cleanser or Flora & Bast’s Clarifying Facial Cleanser. Remove any remaining make-up and impurities with Zenii’s Antioxidant Q10 Toner, Wisdom Cares Neroli Toner, or Shiffa’s Balancing Toner. Then, apply a facial serum to treat and protect skin against breakouts, irritation, or fine lines and wrinkles like Mauli’s Supreme Face Serum or super-hydrating Hyaluronic Booster Serum (key for locking in moisture). Try a face massage to enhance blood circulation and bring some healthy rosiness back to lackluster cheeks, then moisturize with Shiffa’s White Tea Moisturiser or Zenii’s Stem Cell Renewal Cream for daytime.  

When skin is in its deepest repair stage overnight, support it with Micronutrient Repair Night Cream. With retinol (vitamin A) the go-to product for tackling premature aging, if you haven’t used it before, avoid trying it for the first time over party season as it can cause sensitivity. A gentler anti-aging option is Shiffa’s Rose Maroc Night Elixir which delivers anti-aging benefits without irritation.  

So much of our holiday season habits (less sleep, more alcohol, more coffee, overindulgence, salty snacks...the list goes on) results in dehydration so when we need to rehydrate fast, a face mask should be your go-to. For instant hydration, reach for La Fervance’s 23K-gold-infused Eclat Extraordinaire as an overnight mask or if you’re short on time, leave it on for 10 minutes for an instant glow. To revive skin that's lost nutrients, apply Cashmere Skincare’s Vitamin Blast.  


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The Beauty-From-Within Heroes

Your outside reveals what’s going on inside, so keeping yours healthy encourages clear skin, glossy hair, a balanced mind, and keeps your energy sharp. If you’ve had one too many the night before, try some natural hangover remedies to bring you back to life.    

Taking care of your gut health with nutrition is key to feeling better faster in between indulgence and numerous social events! Sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods, and alcohol can cause digestive issues that can enhance bloating, breakouts, and make you feel sluggish – less than ideal with a full social calendar!  

In-between festivities, stock up on balanced, nutritious meals full of antioxidants to help to flush toxins from your system and aim to drink at least 2 liters of water each day to detoxify and hydrate. Probiotics and prebiotics are a great way to bring balance back to your gut microbiome. Thanks to what we know about the gut-brain axis, a healthy gut isn't just great for your digestion, but also your mental health and immune system too so you can stay as calm and merry, and avoid picking up any bugs over the holiday season.  

When beauty starts from the inside out, top up your nutrition with nutrient-packed smoothies and supplements – especially useful if you’re not getting the chance to eat nutritious meals. Vitamin C will help to boost collagen production, and zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D will all help towards a clearer, glowing complexion.  



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The weather outside is frightful, but you look delightful

Party season doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your skin and digestion. Whatever your style, look and feel good doing it with these party beauty hacks to make the most of festivities and celebrations aplenty. Sparkle season ready!