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Revitalising Smoothie Bowl

Rediscover glowing skin, boost your mood & energy, improve sleep, support your menstrual cycle, and rejuvenate your gut health with this nutritious, textured green smoothie bowl, layered with a vibrant, creamy blend, juicy, fresh fruits, and mineral-packed crunchy nuts and seeds.

Has your nutrition taken a back seat recently? Whether you’ve been deep in a project for work or fallen out of your routine, this quick and easy nourishing green smoothie bowl will help you to start anew. Eating good-for-you, fresh foods balance your hormones to rejuvenate your gut health, uplift your mood, aid sleep, refresh skin, and bolster your energy. 

When we’ve overindulged; perhaps we’ve been feeding our body with junk like processed foods or those high in fat or sugar, our gut needs a cleanse. That’s where fiber comes in! Fiber is your gut’s best friend. It helps to gently restore and releases energy slowly throughout the day, so you can avoid the dreaded 3 pm energy crash. Falling asleep mid-meeting isn’t quite the impression we were going for! 

Nutritionists always recommend a varied diet to look after your gut health. Different foods contain different nutrients which serve different purposes in your body, from boosting your heart health to improving your mood. That’s why different sources of fiber like chia, oats, and flax seeds can add another layer of nutrition. 

In fact, as well as nuts and seeds being a great source of protein, (particularly for vegetarian and vegan diets) they are so interlinked with our hormones that some wellness experts swear by ‘seed cycling’ to support hormones in your menstrual cycle. Maisie Hill, author of Period Power advises adding a tablespoon of flax seeds to your diet on days 0-14 to boost estrogen, then after ovulation (on days 15-28), to switch to sunflower or sesame seeds to boost progesterone. It’s thought that seed cycling can improve regular periods and ease PMS symptoms. 

Raw seeds have a high magnesium content that can improve mood and alleviate anxiety and depression, support bone density and blood pressure, improve sleep, and support those struggling with PMS symptoms like bloating, mood and headaches. Even better, paired with vitamin B6 found in spinach and bananas, magnesium is supercharged. 

Vitamin C, found in fresh fruits like kiwi, mango, and banana supports youthful, glowing skin, and regulates progesterone levels. As well as supporting fertility and a healthy menstruation cycle, progesterone has a calming, anti-anxiety effect and can improve memory, hence why it’s a good idea to get this hormone in check. 

Savor the rich flavor and antioxidant, superfood powers of raw cacao powder and a healthy measure of monounsaturated fat from the vibrant, creamy avocado, and you'll feel brand new in no time – with glowing skin, uplifted mood, and healthy digestion to boot. 

This bright, nutritious rainbow bowl is packed full of different colors, textures, and flavors – thrilling for your tastebuds, gut health, and the ‘gram. 100% feed-worthy and flavorsome for a healthy breakfast idea or snack when you want to feel nourished and revitalized.

How To Make It

1. Combine and whizz all the smoothie ingredients together in a blender until you’ve got a thick, creamy texture. 

2. Divide into serving bowls. 

3. Top with toppings of your choice & serve immediately. 

The Expert Tip

Switch up your topping with your favorite seasonal fruits to jazz up this revitalising smoothie bowl!