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Full Moon Rituals To Attract Success, Self-Love & Abundance

The full moon is said to hold powerful energy that we can channel into making positive changes in our life. Forget Mercury in retrograde; instead, try these full moon rituals to harness your power and supercharge your life!

Legend has it that the full moon can be a magical time to take stock and release anything that’s not serving you. Astrologists say it brings forth all our emotions. In fact, the word ‘lunatic’, derived from ‘lunar’ (a word related to the moon) comes from the belief that the energy of the full moon causes temporary insanity. Some even say that during a full moon, emergency room visits and police reports increase. So how can we work with the energy of the universe and this emotional, and sometimes turbulent, time to make positive changes in our life? 

Keep reading for the lowdown on the best full moon rituals to harness your power and supercharge your life, whether you’re looking to manifest success, abundance, or self-love into your life. Choose from gentle full moon practices like journaling or a bubble bath to more focused tarot readings and burning practices. 

What astrologists say about full moon energy

According to astrologists, the full moon is a time for letting go, getting to know our true selves, and setting intentions (but wait before implementing them – this is for the new moon). 

“The moon reflects our inner world.  So, the full moon is a time when the moon is fully illuminated meaning that our inner world is fully available to us. This includes parts of us that we tend to keep in the shadows.  We are able to experience our whole selves. Meaning that we are able to see things that otherwise were hidden from us. this is called our shadow side.  During the full moon it is a time to release, to let go, to decide which aspects of our internal world that we want to nurture, take with us, and the parts of us that we want to let go of, no longer have within us,” says lunar and alternative wellness expert Jane Wood, of The Crystalised. 

“We love to connect with the moon for planting, for planning, for manifesting and for honouring our own energy. Rituals help us deepen our connection, to build on our own spiritual practices, and that has been proven to benefit health, wealth and wellbeing,” says divination expert Lizzie Burgess, of Backyard Banshee.  

Full Moon Rituals

“The full moon is a time where we can feel slightly unstable, so performing rituals during these times can be super grounding and also provide us with a natural cycle to align our life with.  It's a chance to pause and reflect and make choices on our next steps forward,” says Wood. 

Anything to be wary of during a full moon? “Avoid making any drastic changes during this time as everything is heightened, you are not at your most grounded, so be aware you could be impulsive and regret it later,” adds Wood. So, avoid texting your ex or making any large purchases! 

Meditation & Yoga

The full moon is the perfect opportunity to practice meditation and yoga. It can support you to feel focused and grounded, and clear your mind before embarking on any other full moon rituals and help to align you with your intentions. You could practice poses like Warrior to help you feel stronger and connect with the full moon energy.  

“During your full moon ritual, connect to the divine by raising your hands to the moon in a Y shape and imagine the moon drawing down into you and feel the power of life surging through you. This is the time to ask for strength, healing, or help in any area of your life that is troubling you. Then sit for a while by the light of your full moon candle and meditate or quietly think how the new month is going to be. Visualize what you want to happen and see it in your mind’s eye. After each ritual always gives thanks before safely extinguishing the candle,” suggests magic and witchcraft expert and author, Sarah, of Tudorbeth. 

Charge your crystals

Leave your crystals outside under moonlight or in clear view of the moon on a window ledge so that they can become cleansed and recharged to set intentions and provide fresh energy. 


Journaling can often help you to locate a deeper consciousness including feelings and emotions that aren’t always obvious on the surface. “It's a great time to allow yourself to write freely.  When we journal it's a chance to see what is happening within, free-flowing with this can help you to understand yourself better.  Journaling during the full moon is great for listing the aspects of yourself that you see, but don't want to be tied to.  You can cut your energetic cords to thoughts, beliefs, behaviors that you no longer want,” says Wood.

Tarot card reading

Since the full moon is a time for all things magic and divine, an oracle or tarot card reading could be a great way to direct your intentions. Either attend a reading or perform one personally at home with your tarot deck. Ask a question you’re seeking answers to, and see what cards pop up.

A full moon circle

Whether you’re hosting a tarot card reading, sharing intentions, or performing a group yoga flow or meditation, doing it with friends for a full moon circle brings it to life, and makes you accountable.“The energy that a group of people creates when sharing a joining intention is really powerful.  It is also really healing, so joining together to improve your wellbeing with like-minded individuals feels so good!” shares Wood.Getting outside in nature, or performing your rituals in full view of the moon from a window is the best way to use the magic of the full moon’s energy. Cleanse your space with burning sage and bring your crystals for all the good stuff!

A relaxing, cleansing bubble bath

“This is ideal to create a full moon healing spa and embrace the energy of the full moon by drawing down her power as you cleanse, beautify and heal yourself,” says Sarah. “Begin by creating a cleansing drink of 2 green apples, 2 cucumbers, 2 stalks celery, 2 handfuls spinach, 1 lemon, and ginger (optional). Blend until smooth and then drink.” 

Submerging yourself in water is a great way to connect with the full moon energy as you aim to cleanse and shed anything not serving you to wipe the slate clean and make way for new intentions. Visualization can go a long way – the ultimate full moon self-care ritual!  

“Honour yourself each time that the moon is at its fullest, by running a self-love bath. Prepare a bath of love, by filling a warm tub, sprinkling some rose petals for love and rosemary for care, and putting seven drops of lavender oil for calm. As you step into the bath, see yourself in your mind's eye, shedding off the troubles, your negative self-talk, your inhibitions and worries, and any self-consciousness,” shares psychic and tarot card reader, Inbaal. “Once in the bath, see yourself as your best self until you feel immersed with love. Exclaim to yourself: 'I am the best version of me, I love everything that I am.'”  

Use detoxifying, cleansing, and relaxing essential oil scents, incense, bath, and body oils to enhance your sensorial experience.

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“Set aside a good hour for this full moon manifesting ritual. In the light of a green candle (green for success), sit and think of all the things you want to attract into your career: opportunities, luck, more money,” says Inbaal. 

“Now make some tiny sketches or drawings of these items or ideas – no more than half an inch to an inch in size – maybe draw a little green kitty for luck or a stack of coins for money! In a heatproof dish, very, very carefully, burn each sketch and say 'By the light of this moon, I am blessed, in this flame, my fate manifests.'  

“Collect the ashes and rub them onto a tiger's eye crystal, which is the stone of good career fortunes. Throw the leftover ashes in the garden, but keep the stone in your work bag,” suggests Inbaal.

Harness your power

While many of us naturally review and reflect on a yearly or quarterly basis with professional endeavors, we rarely do so in our personal lives. The full moon is the perfect monthly opportunity to reflect on achievements and life overall and think about how you want your life to move forward. While it can be an emotionally charged time, it’s a great way of harnessing that fiery energy to work in your favor, and full moon rituals can direct it into positivity, growth, and alignment for greater fulfillment!