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Find inner calm, peace & resilience with Motion Nutrition’s Hormone Balance

Boasting three different types of magnesium along with a wealth of targeted nutritional goodness, Hormone Balance helps you skip 1,000 hours of meditation to build an inner calm & quietude. Beat sluggish afternoons & find harmony with your energy & mood throughout each day with this wonder supplement!

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Motion Nutrition, Hormone Balance

Vitamin C helps to protect cells from oxidative
stress caused by free radicals that can lead to all sorts of health problems.
It also supports healthy energy metabolism, and contributes to the normal
synthesis of collagen – important for your bones, teeth and gums, blood vessels,
cartilage, and that elusive youthful glowy skin we all long for! It
helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and immune system, contributes to
normal muscle function, and supports psychological health. This means more
energy, healthy, luminous skin, more balanced moods, and protection against
illness and disease. What’s not to love?  

Zinc supports a healthy immune response too, along
with testosterone production, skin and wound healing, eye health, normal growth
and development, and the normal function of taste and smell. Copper is another
mineral your body needs to stay in tip-top condition. It carries out important
functions like making energy, connective tissues, and blood vessels, as well as
helping to maintain the immune system, plus it’s vital for brain development,
which means you’re more switched on, protected and your body stays in healthy
working order. Plus, vitamin B6 provides a helping hand to support
regular hormone activity.

Why It's unique

Sowhat changes can you expect? In just a week, the
triple dose of magnesium works to calm the nerves and reduce muscle twitches
that many of us experience at night. By day 21, those anxiety-inducing morning
peaks of cortisol (the stress hormone) are better managed and you feel calmer.
By day 45, you might notice that you’re having fewer mood swings and brain fog
is a thing of the past. Then, by day 90, you’ve said goodbye toafternoon slumpsand remain
alert and focused for the whole day meaning you’re likely to get more done –
cue your best productive self! By day 180, you’ve built an inner calm and
meditative disposition. From there on, you’re functioning at a steady zen-like
state and everyone’s wondering just how you do it!

Expert Advice

Hormone Balance builds resilience to help you cope
better when stress arises. It also reduces tiredness and supports hormonal
wellbeing – ideal for women experiencing perimenopause, menopause,
or post-menopause, and for those with PMS symptoms like cramps and mood

“Painful PMS is often associated with low levels of
magnesium and vitamin B6, both of which are abundant in Hormone Balance. This
lack of magnesium might even explain why you find yourself craving chocolate at
that time of the month, as cacao contains naturally occurring magnesium (so
long as you go for the dark kind),” says Ant. 

Hormone Balance even supports pregnant women or
those who are breastfeeding. “We specifically formulated Hormone Balance to be
safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We know how much of a difference this
can make, particularly when you’re trying to keep some sense of a day/night
rhythm,” shares Ant. 

Our hormones can often leave us feeling depleted,
frustrated, and withdrawn, but Hormone Balance aims to restore a sense of calm
from within without relying on external sources. “Yoga and meditation are
great ways to reduce your stress levels, while Hormone Balance is here to help
you better manage your stressors no matter what comes your way.” It’s a
way to bring you back to yourself and find that inner strength so we can find
clarity and calm in the everyday. 

Perfect Pairing

Struggling to sleep? Pair Motion Nutrition’s
Hormone Balance with Unplug to catch some
more zzz’s! Hormone Balance helps you to wind down, then Unplug swoops in to
help you drift off and get more restorative REM sleep which means you’ll wake
up more refreshed, ready to tackle the day ahead.  

As well as boasting targeted nutritious support
that works, Motion Nutrition is also a plastic-free and eco-conscious brand, so
it’s good for you, and good for the planet! Experience less stress, feel
calmer and more resilient to live a healthy, happier life
with Hormone Balance.